Commercial and Residential Sunscreens in Florence, AZ & the Greater Phoenix Area

At Colby Window Solutions, we’re proud to be affiliated with Lines Sunscreens – a one-stop-shop for quality sunscreen installation and repair services in Gilbert, AZ. A family-owned window shades business that’s committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients, their team of experts boasts vast experience in the industry, making them a go-to for both residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Phoenix area.

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At Colby Window Solutions, we pride ourselves on sourcing locally manufactured products and materials to keep you on budget with Arizona-based products you will be proud to use.

Tired of the Harsh Sun Rays?

Are you tired of the harsh sun rays infiltrating your house or office space? Worry not! Their team has got you covered with our top-of-the-line sunscreen installation services. They understand the importance of protecting the interior of your property from harmful UV rays that can cause furniture and flooring to fade over time. That’s why they use only the best quality products in the market that ensure maximum protection while still allowing natural light to get through. And for outdoor patios, their exterior sun shade treatments can turn your entire backyard into a cozy, comfortable room so you can truly enjoy the great outdoors.

Lines Sunscreens is also proud the be the only business in the Gilbert, AZ area to offer Super Screens. For more than a decade, Super Screens have set the standard when it comes to superior sunscreen performance, longevity and reliability. Whether you’re installing a new pool enclosure from scratch, or you have screens around the house in need of replacement, Super Screens are the kind of screens that lasts as long as the summers are hot!

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At Lines Sunscreens their experts will work with you to assess your property’s needs and recommend the best sunscreen solutions. They take into account factors like window size, shape, and orientation to ensure a perfect fit, and their customized installation approach enables them to cater to all types of properties, whether it be residential homes or large commercial buildings.

Sunscreen Repair Services

In addition to sunscreen installation, they also offer sunscreen repair services. Has your sunscreen or patio shade been damaged due to wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, or accidents? Their team will assess the level of damage and provide you with an estimate that covers all the costs involved. They guarantee quality repairs that restore your sunscreen to its original condition, eliminating the need for a replacement.

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Trust us: their experts possess vast knowledge of all types of sunscreens, from window shades and sun shades to contemporary products like smart shades and motorized shades. That’s why Lines Sunscreens should be your go-to for all your sunscreen installation and repair needs in the Phoenix area. Their services are tailored to fit their client’s needs while focusing on delivering quality workmanship, cost-effective pricing, and exceptional customer service. Whether you need a new sunscreen installation or repair services, their team is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. So contact them today to schedule a free consultation and see how they can help you protect your property from those harsh Arizona UV rays!

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